Society and Environment


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We are passionate about meaningful and relevant research in the broad areas of Society and Environment, with a particular interest in working together with communities and organisations in developing and running projects to address real-life problems. Some of the areas in which we are currently conducting research are:


  • Culture, media and acculturation: e.g. cultural discourses, immigrant identities and community¬† cohesion
  • Groups and identity: e.g. national identity, gangs and bullying
  • Forensic and health practices in society: e.g. the courthouse dog project, researching the effects of a companion animal in reducing stress for vulnerable witnesses involved in a legal dispute
  • Dog Adoption and Rescue (DARe) project aimed at reducing the number of dogs being relinquished to dog rescues and promoting responsible dog ownership
  • Environmental sustainability and conservation: e.g. interventions to increase engagement with pro-environmental behaviours; public reactions and discourses surrounding environmental debates
  • Adolescent sexual health: e.g. the effects of pornography viewing on young people, the discursive construction of sexuality, pleasure, and pressure, revenge porn

The Society and Environment Research Group is based in Psychology and is part of the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology.