Creativity and Cognition

Thinking and creativity are fundamental to the human mind play a major role in everyday life. Whether in business, healthcare the media, science or education, thinking and creativity are a key to success. Members of the ‘Thinking and Creativity’ research group have interests in:

  • The nature and techniques used to enhance creative problem solving: How can we support people is being more creativity, using our knowledge of how the mind works? We’re looking at the empirical basis of popular techniques to find out more about how they work.

  • Creative writing ability: How much of creative writing is craft, and how much is creativity? What’s the role of expertise in creative writing? What’s the best way to teach it?

  • How personality influences musical creativity: Do different personality types show differences in creative expression?

  • The interpretation of art: Art is crucial to what it means to be human, but how do identify, shape, and respond to art? How is art special?